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Welcome to the CRBFAS



The CRBFAS is an organic allotment site owned by Gwynedd council but ran by the members of the CRBFAS. Who are currently registered members of the FCFCG

(Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens)



Visit our app for full details about our allotment, our plots, any events and to contact us.

No Downloading Required, One Click instant Access - No time wasting searching or download the app from any of the app stores and using up valuable memory space on your phone. This app is web-based (PWA's) and fully compatible with all mobile and computer devices.


Easy Access - When launched, select the app's 'Quick Lunch Button' to sit directly onto your phones home page for instant & easy access. Also select the notifcation.


Keep up-to-date while you are busy and on the go! - Please Sign-Up to log in, and please be sure to select the notification option so you can keep in-touch and up-to-date with any messages, announcements, dates or the latest important details as they are released.. 



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